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SOP: Personal Data Request - Deletion

This SOP covers how the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) and Rocky Linux Infrastructure Team handles GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) data delete requests. It contains information about how System Administrators will use Ansible and other tooling to respond to delete requests.

Contact Information

Owner Infrastructure Team & Identity Management Team
Email Contact
Email Contact
Mattermost Contacts @label
Mattermost Channels ~Infrastructure

Responding to a Deletion Request

This section covers how a system administrator will use our adhoc-ipauser-disable-pdr.yml playbook to respond to a delete request.

If a request has been received via email, perform the following steps:

  1. If request was received by email: Open a ticket at the bug tracker under the Account Services product (Click the drop down in the top right corner, click "Account Services", select "Report Issue")

    • Set category to Account Requests - Personal Data Request
    • Assign to yourself if possible
    • Summary should be set: PDR - Email Delete Request for <USER/EMAIL>
    • Description should be set to the snippet PDR Request - Remove Personal Information or copied directly from the email if the template was followed.
    • Use the ID for the ansible playbook
  2. On the ansible host, run the necessary ansible playbook: ansible-playbook -i inventories/production/hosts.ini playbooks/adhoc-ipauser-disable-pdr.yml --extra-vars='ipa_user=<USER> ticket_id=BT<TICKET>'

  3. Leave a comment on the issue that the disable request was performed.
  4. Email the affected user:

Hello. We have reviewed your account request and have performed the requested
changes. The ticket <ID> has been closed and set to private.

Please note that some public content such as mailing lists cannot be deleted
since some information is meant to serve the RESF legitimate business
interests, the public interest, and the interest of the open source community.

Thank you, please let us know if you have any further questions.
4. Set ticket to RESOLVED



Purpose: Account Services maintains the accounts for almost all components of the Rocky ecosystem

Technology: Noggin used by Fedora Infrastructure

Contact: ~Infrastructure in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra in Libera IRC


Purpose: General projects, code, and so on for the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation.

Technology: Gitea

Contact: ~Infrastructure, ~Development in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra, #rockylinux-devel in Libera IRC


Purpose: General purpose code, assets, and so on for Rocky Linux. Some content is mirrored to the RESF Git Service.

Technology: GitHub

Contact: ~Infrastructure, ~Development in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra, #rockylinux-devel in Libera IRC


Purpose: Packages and light code for the Rocky Linux distribution

Technology: GitLab

Contact: ~Infrastructure, ~Development in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra, #rockylinux-devel in Libera IRC


Purpose: Users can subscribe and interact with various mail lists for the Rocky ecosystem

Technology: Mailman 3 + Hyper Kitty

Contact: ~Infrastructure in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra in Libera IRC

Name Email Mattermost Name IRC Name
Neil Hanlon @neil neil
Taylor Goodwill @tgo tg
Louis Abel @nazunalika Sokel/label/Sombra

Last update: April 13, 2023